Friday, December 14, 2007

A Time To Reflect

One afternoon as a was cleaning the bathroom door with my son on my hip I was taken back to the moment he was born. He was born on Dec.12 06. I feel like it was in 07 though. So when i think back on 07 i think about the sweet moments of him as a infant in my arms. So on this afternoon as he was in my arms and I was just about to complain about how heavy he was and that I needed to put him down so I could clean the door my heart was filled with gratitude and I pulled him closer. This was my pray that day...Oh, God Thank you so much for giving me a great year with a great boy. Thank you God for letting me keep him this year and I pray for many more years to come.amen.
As I look forward to a new year. I look forward to new moments with my wonderful children and heart moving husband. As I look back on 07 I think about moment like those at the bathroom door with my son. I think about moments of laughing so hard at my two year old. I think about moments spent teaching my 10 year old. Moments I did not lose this year because God moved on my heart to home school her. I think about moments when my husband treated me just like the Bride of Christ. I think about God and how good he is to me and I would not want to change any thing about this year and I am open to whatever God brings my way on 08 as long as HE is with me.
be bless and stay in the moment.

December Group Writing Project


Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

What wonderful memories to have in the new year!

Thanks for participating in the Group Writing Project. Would you mind linking back to the GWP? Thank you!

Mama Zen said...

Beautiful post and a beautiful moment!

Kakie said...

Celebrating moments like that are what it is all about. Sounds like it has been a year of a number of "firsts" which is one of the best things about being a mom. Sometimes I think the best moments are those when we really feel the gratitude like that.

Warmest regards and happy holidays to you!
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cre82learn said...

I stopped by to read your BFS assignment, great goals btw. But I had to comment on this. My baby boy was born Jan 07 and yes, it's getting to where he gets heavy quick. But my oldest is 18 and I know Jeremiah is my last so I take many times throughout the day to just hold him. They grow so fast. My 8 yos just told me that I cannot say "I love you" to him in front of his friends anymore. We are going to come up with a secret signal.

slow down and just be

slow down and just be